Two tourists left two towns, the distance between which is 38 km, simultaneously and met in 4 hours. what was the speed of each of the tourists, if the first one covered 2 km more before he met than the second one?

Accepted Solution

Let the relative speed will be given by:
38/4=9.5 km/h

Let the speed of the first tourist be x km/h
the speed of the second one is (9.5-x) km/h
distance covered by the first one is:
4*x+2=4x+2 km
distance covered by the second one is:
(9.5-x)4 km
=(38+4x) km
total distance will be given by:
x=-1/4 km/h
this mean that he was traveling in the opposite direct thus the  speed was 1/4 km/k
The speed of the second one will be:
9.5-1/4=9.25 km/h