URGENT!! Please answer this! (In your own words) The best answer gets BRAINLIEST!Find the area:

Accepted Solution

Answer:The area is 97.5.Step-by-step explanation:The formula for finding the area of a rectangle is Length x Width.At the bottom it says 5 ft and 10 ft. 10 + 5 = 15, therefore the length is 15.On the right it says 12 ft, therefore the width is 12 ft.Since the formula is Length x Width, I did 15 x 12, I attached a file below showing the multiplication process.15 x 12 = 180.Therefore, the area of the rectangle is 180.But, from what it appears from the picture, it's only the shaded area needed. So, the unshaded areas needed to be subtracted from the rectangle.  Starting with the triangle on the right, the area for a triangle is the base times the height divided by 2, 10 is the base and 12 is the height. 10 x 12 / 2 = 60, multiplication shown below.The two sides are the same length, making the height for the other side 12 as well.According to the rectangle, 3 feet does not belong there.12 - 3 = 9 ft.Now, the base is 5 ft and the height is 9 ft. The formula is base x height divided by 2.5 x 9 / 2 = 22.5, multiplication shown below.Now, I had known that the 2 shaded areas were 22.5 and 60.So, I did 180 - 60 - 22.5 = 97.5Therefore, the area for the shaded part of the rectangle is 97.5.I sincerely hope this helped! Have a great day, and good luck! :) :)