Amaya has a store credit of 50.86 she plans to purchase a video game for $24.97 and a golf club accessory for $6.99 how much store credit will she have left

Accepted Solution

Amaya will have $18.90 store credit left.Step-by-step explanation:Available store credit = $50.86Cost of video game = $24.97Cost of golf club accessory = $6.99Total amount spent = Cost of video game + cost of golf club accessory[tex]Total\ amount\ spent=24.97+6.99\\Total\ amount\ spent=\$31.96[/tex]Remaining store credit = Available store credit - total amount spent[tex]Remaining\ store\ credit=50.86-31.96\\Remaining\ store\ credit=\$18.90[/tex]Amaya will have $18.90 store credit left.Keywords: Addition, subtractionLearn more about addition at:brainly.com/question/11566221brainly.com/question/12896802#LearnwithBrainly