The family arcade center charges an entry fee of $11 plus an additional $1 per game played. Which of the following functions describes the average expense for a player per game played, in terms of x, the number of games played?C(X) = $11x+$1/xC(X) = $11x+$1x/14C(X) = $11x+$1x/xC(X) = $12/x

Accepted Solution

You probably made an error while writing the options.Β 
The correct ans is:Β 

[tex]C(x)= \frac{11+x}{x} [/tex]

Entry Fee for the player is $11.
Player is charged $1 for each game played. So for x games played, the charges will be $ x.

So, total charges for x games played will be:
T(x) = 11 + x

Average Cost per game played = Total Cost/Total Games played

[tex]C(x)= \frac{11+x}{x} [/tex]