If, triangle MNO congruent triangle PQR which of the following can you NOT conclude as being true?A. ray MN congruent ray PRB. angle M congruent angle PC. ray NO congruent ray QRD. angle N congruent angle Q,

Accepted Solution

A. ray MN congruent ray PR Since the two triangles are congruent, you can assume that those elements in the same relative position are also congruent. So ray MN congruent to ray PQ ray NO congruent to ray QR ray MO congruent to ray PR angle M congruent to angle P angle N congruent to angle Q angle O congruent to angle R Now with the above 6 items, look at the available options and see what isn't in the above list and the statement "A. ray MN congruent ray PR" pops out as something that's not true, so that is the answer.