57 first-year teachers and 19 experienced teachers attended a school staff meeting meeting. What percentage of the teachers in the meeting were first-year teachers?Write your answer using a percent sign (%).

Accepted Solution

75% of the teachers were first-year teachersStep-by-step explanation:the formula for percentage will be used for the problemThe percentage is given by:[tex]Percentage=\frac{Quantity}{Total}*100\\[/tex]HereTotal teachers = 57+19 = 76First-year teachers = 57So,[tex]Percentage\ of\ first\ year\ teacher = \frac{57}{76}*100\\=0.75*100\\=75\%[/tex]Hence, 75% of the teachers were first-year teachersKeywords: Percentage, PercentLearn more about percentage at:brainly.com/question/10435836brainly.com/question/10541435#LearnwithBrainly