14. You start an investment account with $3000 and save $100 each month. Write arule to represent the total amount of money you invest into your account as anarithmetic sequence. How much money will you have invested after 12 months?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:4200Step-by-step explanation:In an arithmetic sequence equation t=a + (n-1)d, a is the starting value. In this case, a=3000. Although, since the initial investment is not considered the first month, the equation is t = a + dn.d is the rate of change. In this case, the rate of change is 100 for every month, n.Substitute these values from the problem to get an equation:t = 3000 + 100nt means the total amount of money we have for the amount of months (n) that passed.Sub n for 12.t = 3000 + 100nt = 3000 + 100(12)t = 4200You will have $4200 after 12 months of investment.